Diego Liberati
Director of Research, CNR IEIIT Milano

Diego Liberati is Research Director for Information, Control and Biomedical Engineering, and member of the Board, within the Institute for Electronics, Information and Communications Engineering of the Italian National Research Council at the Electronics and Information Department of the Milano Institute of Technology. Secretary of the Biomedical Engineering Society of the Italian Electrical and Electronic Engineering Association (and Milano prize laureate in 1987) and member of the Technical Committe on Control Design of the International Federation of Automatic Control, with particular emphasys on neural control, he has chaired the Scientific Committee for the Conferences on Information and Control Technologies in Health Systems sponsored by the Italian Control Association and has been a technological transfer expert with the Milano Chamber of Commmerce. Visiting scientist at Rockefeller University, New York University, University of California and International Computer Science Institute, he has directed joint projects granted by both private (e.g. Hewlett Packard on artificial neural networks in industrial processes monitoring) and public (e.g. European Union on non-linear analysis of brain plasticity) institutions. Having taught signal processing, mathematical modeling, microelectronics, lab instrumentation and control theory in european Universities, he has also mentored dozens of pupils toward and beyond their doctorate. His main scientific interests in Information and Communication Technologies for life are related to measurement analysis, model identification and synthesis of emulations in natural and artificial complex systems, whose scientific and ethical aspects involving the human beings he loves to discuss in his papers.

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