Lorenzo Finesso
Researcher, CNR IEIIT Padova

Lorenzo Finesso born 1954, Laurea Electrical Engineering (cum laude), U. of Padova, 1979, M.Sc. EE 1987, Ph.D. EE 1990, both at UMCP. Since 1984 he has been a researcher of ISIB-CNR, formerly LADSEB. He has held visiting positions at the Institute of Systems Research in College Park, MD, and at the Mathematical Institute and the Control and Automation Institute both of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. Dr. Finesso is contract professor (lecturer) with the University of Padova since 1998. He teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses for the Information Engineering, Statistics, and Mathematics departments. His current main scientific interest revolves around approximation and estimation problems with nonnegativity constraints, for which relative entropy is the natural functional to minimize. In this context, in a joint effort with Peter Spreij of UvA Amsterdam, he is developing Csiszàr-Tusnàdy type algorithms to solve a variety of signal and system problems: nonnegative matrix factorizations (NMF), approximate factor analysis, FIR approximations of nonnegative systems, hidden Markov models (HMM). Together with Cecilia Prosdocimi of LUISS in Rome, he has been working on realization problems for exchangeable and partially exchangeable HMM. Investigations on covariance approximation with Markov and HMM models are joint work with Làszlo Gerencsèr of SZTAKI-MTA in Budapest.

FINESSO Lorenzo photo
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